Introduction To Aromatherapy

Introduction To Aromatherapy

What Is Aromatherapy / Information

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from aromatic plants for the healing of the body and mind, and as a way to keep up general well being.

The oil is extracted from a wide variety of plants using distillation and is extremely concentrated. For example, it would require all the petals of 30 roses to make just one drop of rose oil, and a whole kilo of lavender to produce one little bottle of the oil.

These pure oils have been found to be beneficial both psychologically and physically, when used safely and appropriately. They are used by either inhaling the aroma, or by being absorbed into the skin. Inhaling the aroma is beneficial psychologically because the aroma stimulates a reaction in the brain, and it is beneficial physically because of the natural constituents (naturally occurring chemicals) of the essential oil are taken into the lungs. There can be over 100 of these natural constituents in just one oil.

The most fun and popular way however to use them is to have them massaged in the skin. When an oil is applied to the skin the bloodstream is said to absorb it and take it around the body. However, as essential oils are so powerful they should never be applied to skin neat. When applying the oils to the skin always use a carrier oil, which is a natural vegetable oil, specifically used to dilute the essential oil and, in effect, “carry” them to the skin. Popular choices for carrier oils are sweet almond oil and grape seed oil.

Another good way to use essential oils is to blend a group together which would provide a specific therapeutic action. A mixture of the correct oils in the correct proportions is believed to be more beneficial than each oil working separately.
Perfume oils, fragrance oils or fragrances are not the same as essential oils. These contain many chemicals and will not produce the desired therapeutic benefits.

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