A Brief Guide To Aromatherapy Methods

A Brief Guide To Aromatherapy Methods

How to use aromatherapy oils


Whether for medicinal purposes, to relax or rejuvenate, or just to get in the mood for love, there is probably no better way to use essential oils. Massage benefits you in two ways; the first being you absorb the goodness of the oil through the skin into the blood stream, and the second being as you are being massaged, you breathe in the aroma which triggers a reaction in the brain.


Another rather luxurious way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy, a few drops in the bath has the power to treat skin irritations, mood, congestion and many other conditions. As you soak in the bath, you inhale the aroma which triggers a reaction in the brain, and can leave you with silky smooth skin. To receive the full benefits make sure you soak for a minimum of ten minutes.


Ideal for period pains, bruises and sprains, this can be used in conjunction with your regular painkillers. Perfect for when paracetamol alone just won’t cut it.


Great for colds but also just as great for a quick pick me up. This is really easy to do and small enough to carry around with you all day.

Steam Treatment / Diffusers / Oil Burners

The head over a bowl with boiling water is probably one of the most popular ways to treat congestion, but did you also know it can be used to energize and invigorate?
Diffusers and oil burners are also a great way to delicately distribute the aromatic goodness around a room whilst you lay back and relax.

Gargles and mouthwash

Never ever swallow the treatment. Good for freshening breath but also for soothing sore throats; this is also a nice quick and simple method to bring aromatherapy into your every day life.

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